Smart real estate investments
through technology

Our strategy

Leveraging a host of proprietary data and technology driven strategies, KM² identifies real estate investment opportunities through the use of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.

Applying High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Machine Learning (ML) to historical and real-time property, economic, and demographic data, KM² targets grossly undervalued real estate assets.

With in-house expertise in computer science, artificial intelligence, statistical learning, real estate investment, property management, entrepreneurship and business operations, KM² identifies creative ways to further grow asset values through strategic repositioning of our properties.

Data Driven Freehold Realty
Value Add Acquisitions
Utilizing Technology to Optimize Leasing
Land Consolidation & Space Reclamation
Strategic Conversions & Redevelopment
SHDH (Super Higher Density Housing)

Who We Are

A team of computer scientists, data analysts, statisticians, real estate professionals, and experts in AI, KM² takes a quantitative and engineering-heavy approach to real estate investment. Our diverse backgrounds provide us with the vision to find opportunities traditional real estate firms do not identify.

Our Funds

KM Squared operates three funds with distinct investment objectives. Each fund features a unique investment strategy and property portfolio. Funds target different risk profiles, hold periods, and return potentials.

Short Term Fund

  • Investment Outlook: 3-7 years
  • Sample Project: Acquisition of industrial properties in high density urban areas. Utilize high ceilings and mezzanine flooring for space reclamation. Convert and sub-divide into flex spaces to optimize rents.
  • Sample Value Add: Convert a single-tenant, 1 story, 50,000 square foot building with 26' ceilings into a 2 story, 100,000 square foot building with 20 tenants and 12' ceilings.

Intermediate Fund

  • Investment Outlook: 5-15 years
  • Sample Project: Acquisition of Low Density properties in suburban communities. As self-driving cars reduce commute times and tenant vehicle ownership, convert excess ground-level parking into rentable space to increase density.
  • Sample Value Add: Convert a suburban office and neighboring strip mall into mixed-use housing. Reclaim 50% of the land that was previously parking and loading areas.

Generational Fund

  • Investment Outlook: 10-30 years
  • Sample Project: Revitalization of communities within the viewpoint of self-driving cars, public transit project that extend a city's viable boundaries, and future weather trends, as per statistical analysis of global-warming data and legistlative activities.
  • Sample Value Add: Convert aging buildings into apartments to seed density of an area with optimal future weather, transit and legislative trends. Acquire surrounding agricultural land for future development.