Smart real estate investments
through technology

Our strategy

Leveraging a host of proprietary data and technology driven strategies, km² identifies real estate investment opportunities through the use of cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques. Applying AI to historical and real-time property, economic, and demographic data, km² targets grossly undervalued real estate assets.

Data Driven Freehold Realty
Value Add Acquisitions
Utilizing Technology to Optimize Leasing
Land Consolidation & Space Reclamation
Strategic Conversions & Redevelopment
SHDH (Super Higher Density Housing)

Who We Are

With in-house expertise in computer science, artificial intelligence, statistical learning, real estate investment, property management, and entrepreneurship, km² identifies creative ways to grow asset values through strategic repositioning of our properties. Our diverse backgrounds provide us with the vision to find opportunities traditional real estate firms do not identify.


Using AI and technology, km² identifies value-add opportunities which it then pursues with its segment-specific, best-in-class partners. Some of the opportunities we have found include:


km² primarily acquires value-add and opportunistic deals, and occasionally core-plus. We like to see a clear path to profitability within 2-3 years and a way to significantly beat the market over a 5-10 year hold period.

Our preferred asset classes include multifamily, industrial, office, retail and medical; but we also consider self-storage, laboratory and hospitality.

Geographically, we target the western and southern US in the following states: CA, HI, AZ, UT, OR, WA, NV, TX, TN, GA, FL, AL, NC, SC

Things we like:

  • Properties close to our existing holdings
  • High-growth or University areas
  • High-tech, innovative or entrepreneurial areas
  • Diverse economies not tied to a single industry or employer
  • The top markets in each state
  • Logistics hubs, ports, major airports, and significant infrastructure
  • Urban and Suburban areas in Top 200 MSA
  • Significant markets within two hours of a Top 30 MSA
  • Adjacent to National Parks, UNESCO sites, or other major attractions
  • Multi-generational assets with positive long-term outlook
  • Single tenant or multi-tenant; portfolios or individual properties